Countering China: India, Japan, US’ biggest warships to be part of war game

The aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya of India, the largest Japanese warship Izumo JS Nimitz and supermarkets in the United States will be part of the Malabar exercise, a mega naval warfare game starting Monday, amid Chinese activities rising in The Indian Ocean.

A number of other front-line ships, submarines and fighter jets from the three countries will be part of the drill exercising a week in the Bay of Bengal, which takes place in the context of a major military confrontation between the armies of India and Chinese in the Sikkim section.

China has deployed a surveillance vessel to monitor the Malabar exercise, while the Indian Navy has detected the deployment of an increasing number of Chinese warships in the Indian Ocean region.

Beijing suspected the purpose of Malabar exercises, as it considers the annual game of war is an effort to contain its influence in the Indo-Pacific region.

The guided walker missiles of the USS Princeton guided missile destroyers USS Howard and USS Shoup and USS Kidd will be part of the exercise, according to a statement from the US embassy here.

A Poseidon P-8A aircraft, designed for anti-submarine surface and anti-submarine warfare and surveillance, and a fast-moving Los Angeles-class attack submarine will participate in the drill.

The USS Nimitz US Navy is a super-carrier and one of the largest warships in the world.

Shivalik Indian Navy’s multi-function frigate, a Kora-class two missile frigate, P8I maritime surveillance aircraft, antisubmarine war corpses, the tanker INS Jyoti and under the Marino nuclear will also be part of the exercise, official sources said.

However, the main feature will be the participation of the 44,000-ton carrier INS Vikramaditya with Mig 29 Ks on board.

Japan sends its carrier JS Izumo destroyer Sazanami JS to the drill.

“Each iteration of this exercise helps raise the level of understanding between our sailors and we hope to continue this process over time.

“As members of the Indo-Asia and Pacific countries, our marinas are natural partners and we look forward to continuing to strengthen our ties and our personal relationships,” said the United States Embassy.

The exercise will cover activities such as combined operations of the carrier attack group, maritime patrol operations and reconnaissance, surface warfare and antisubmarine.

It will also include aspects such as medical operations, damage control, the operation of special forces, the elimination of explosive weapons (ODL) and helicopter operations.

The purpose of the Malabar exercise is to achieve deeper military ties and greater interoperability between the three naval forces in the Indo-Pacific region strategic importance.

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