Galaxy Note 8 Forces Samsung Into A Dangerous Choice

Galaxy Note 8 Forces Samsung Into A Dangerous Choice

Galaxy Note 8 Forces Samsung Into A Dangerous Choice

If there is only one theme that Galaxy Galaxy 8 will face next, it’s association with explosive battery.

The Galaxy Note 7 was released with great success from criticism of manufacturing defects, despite the overall withdrawal sparse support, the South Korean company withdrew the proceeds from the sale.

Among them, the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus had to do a lot of work to repair the damage that the name of the brand and helped clear the way for the note 8 to highlight any form of association and return Samsung in the world’s phablets luxury.
Make it clear, after an exhaustive investigation that Samsung made public, Note 7, which is now on sale does not have the same fundamental flaw that damaged Version 7 Source Note.

When the phone back on sale this Friday (July 7, 2017), it will be a bit different to qualify for the “Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition”, and I would not be surprised if Samsung’s marketing minimizes the impact of ‘7’ Y Go with Galaxy Note Fan Edition ‘as long as the name and rating as the nickname hashtag has the shortest and most feasible.

The terminals themselves will have a battery with a capacity of 3200 mAh. It is less than 300 mAh Note 7 source and, in a move that looks like a rationalization of supply, has the same capacity as the Galaxy Note 8 to come.

Otherwise the FE rating is similar to last year’s version with a 5.7-inch screen, a 12-megapixel camera and the same combination of critical-recognition hardware and software.
With its return, Samsung has high levels of stock in Note 7. With the fault is inside the battery, instead of something more fundamental in the design, it is possible to repackage these units and put them on sale. There is a lot of capital investment sitting around warehouses, back Note 7 on sale to recover a part of it.

Assuming that the price of note 8 is in the first thousand dollars without a SIM card, there is an argument that a product of the second level around the $ 600 increase in market share for the rating range, because increased interest in The release of note 8 slides the FE rating on the sales lists.

If Samsung believes that the fate of Note 7 is recorded in the story, there is no reason not to put the product on the market. I wonder if this could be considered as one of the two key launches of Samsung’s annual work plan?

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