NASA will crash a satellite into an asteroid

NASA will crash a satellite into an asteroid

NASA will crash a satellite into an asteroid

NASA is a bit closer to testing its proposed line of defense against the threat of a potential impact on asteroids on Earth. The “kinetic impactateur technique” essentially consists of breaking a spacecraft on an asteroid for the return of the Earth. What looks much healthier than the plane splashed at Armageddon send the oil drillers and a nuclear bomb.

The maintenance of entering the design phase, double asteroid redirection test (DART) would be the first test of NASA method. Dart fate is a binary asteroid with two bodies known to Didymus * to safely pass through Earth in 2022 and again in 2024.

The NASA-sized refrigerator spacecraft will crush in the smaller of the two asteroids Dídimo B (160 meters high), which rotates in the largest orbit Dídimo A (780 meters high). DART will encounter Doimo B at a speed of 3.7 miles per second – nine times faster than a bullet – that allows its orbit to move.
“A binary asteroid is an ideal natural laboratory for this test,” said Tom Statler, DART science program at NASA. “The fact that Doymus B is orbiting Didymus A makes it easier to see impact results and ensure that the experience does not change the orbit of the pair around the sun.”

The small asteroid against Earth almost every day, but most remain undamaged, divided into the upper atmosphere. Last month, NASA has organized the “Asteroid Day,” an annual event to encourage the public to learn about non-threatening and threatening space rocks.

The festivities were held June 30 to mark the anniversary of the Tunguska incident, which saw a 122-meter-wide asteroid and more than 770 square miles of Russian forest near the Stony Tunguska River in Siberia.

The blast remains the most powerful in recorded history, producing 185 times more energy than the Hiroshima atomic bomb.

NASA has already located 93 percent of objects large enough to cause worldwide effects. And with DART, it may be that one has a planetary defense mechanism that can prevent it from erasing us.

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