Remember 1962 defeat: Chinese media warns India again amid Sikkim standoff

While we do not know what Chinese soldiers on the Sikkim border, Chinese state media have discovered a new, in fact, age, overtaking India with the Sino-Indian war of 1962.

Coins paraphras and editorials led by the popular newspaper, Xinhua and Global Times, the message to India is clear: remember his defeat in 1962 and accept China’s position in the current situation on the Sikkim border.

The latest attempt to fight against India through the “editorial war” saw the tabloid Chinese Communist newspaper published a photo of a Chinese publisher entitled “If this can be tolerated, what it does I can not,” September 22 1962 – just a month before the 1962 war began.

We can not access a direct translation of English editorial. However, most of the editorial was that “the Chinese people would not tolerate provocation by the Indian army,” according to an article published in the Daily People’s Daily entitled “The Daily India: borderline is bottom line.”

At that time, the editorial warned of serious consequences for India if the conflict stopped. In addition, he accused the Indian troops of invading the territory of Beijing.

Sounds familiar? India must withdraw its troops from Dokalam to avoid serious consequences, according to Chinese news agency Xinhua, July 11.

“The intrusion of the Indian army into Chinese territory is a flagrant violation of China’s sovereignty, which must be corrected immediately and unconditionally,” he said, noting that, since Indian troops “crossed the Chinese territory” and “has Obstructed work on a road “Dokalam in June, China has made a series of protests to urge India to withdraw its troops immediately.

“India must correct its mistakes and show sincerity to avoid an even more serious situation creating further consequences,” the statement said.

This is just an example. The area to the strategic tri-crossing of India, Bhutan and China, which is under Chinese control but claimed by Thimphu, was the scene of a standstill since June 16

China, for its part, accused Indian troops of violating its territory, while India expressed concern about the construction of a road in the disputed area of ​​the Doka near Sikkim and is sent to Beijing, which said action would represent A significant change in the status quo with “serious” security implications for India.

Since the beginning of the trial, a number of articles and editorials in Chinese newspapers have warned India of serious consequences if it does not keep its troops.

For example: “The regional hegemony of Delhi swells to a turning point, the country must pay its provocations.” The Global Times editorial said last week.

The Global Times is an English-language Chinese newspaper called People’s Daily, the official newspaper of the Communist Party of China.

Accusing India of having ambitions of regional hegemony, the editorial calls on the Chinese government “to lead the international community in restoring Bhutan’s diplomatic sovereignty and defense.”

On the other hand, his recipe to chastique India is that Beijing should “reconsider its position on the Sikkim question.” While China recognized Sikkim as part of India before, the editorial called Chinese society to support the independence of Sikkim.

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