Rory McIlory says Tiger Woods taught him to be ‘ruthless’

Rory McIlory says Tiger Woods taught him to be 'ruthless'

Rory McIlory says Tiger Woods taught him to be ‘ruthless’

Portstewart, Northern Ireland – Tiger Woods has taught Rory McIlory to be ruthless, the Northern Irishman revealed on the eve of the Irish Open Duty Free 7 million.

McIlroy has won four major championships, was the world’s number nine nine PGA Tour and the European Tour wins out of the majors. He won three European races in Dubai and is the winner of the FedEx Cup.

It takes a lot of success to learn how to be so ruthless and selfish that Woods was at the forefront.

“It does not play is not, you are the best,” McIlroy said. “He realizes it’s good to be a winner. It’s good to have that mentality and it’s good to be a bit selfish.

“I think when Tigre had all the scandal in the years 09 and 10 and he came back, there was a lot of discussion.

But he started competing in the Augusta when he came back, and people like him, and people like that he could win and people like that he was a winner.

“And then it all came, I was like, people like winners.People like successful people, and it’s good to be one of those people.It’s good to have this incessant series.

“It’s just a kind of hits home with me – you should not blame yourself You do not have to feel like you’re selfish and you’re better than you want to win Reason … what we practice and work hard, is because you want to win Golf tournaments and hopefully put his name on history books, and a kind of hits home with me, I said this, it’s good to have that mentality.

McIlroy is currently number four in the world – “Back to Ringo,” he joked, but there’s no need to try to force his way to the top and re-collect Dustin Johnson from the official world golf ranking.

“What bothers me? Look, it bothers me, I’m not where I want to be.But I get the impression that there were some things that were out of control that this year led to this with injuries and things.

“Winning golf tournaments and playing well takes up the classification.

“I know where I am and I am aware that I am far from where I want to be, but I can not think about it for a minute. I just think of trying to win golf tournaments, trying to resume competition in golf tournaments in the first place Then just playing well takes care of a lot of things. ”

McIlroy can venture into Johnson’s number one state with a repeat victory in the national championship. The home favorite is the 6-1 favorite to become the first player to successfully defend the Irish Open and Colin Montgomerie in 1997.

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